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InTra-Net - Innovation in Transnational Networks

REG X and WTSH are happy to welcome you to the website of our joint project InTra-Net – Innovation in Transnational Networks.

On this website we will keep you informed about the project, upcoming events and participating clusters.

Subscribe to our newsletter, register your cluster on our website and connect with other clusters in the region of INTERREG 4A. Joining the InTra-Net network give the opportunity to meet potential project partners and to spur innovation in your cluster! 


Results and inspiration from the InTra-Net project:


The project in short

The purpose of the InTra-Net project is to strengthen collaboration on innovation and internationalization between clusters in the INTERREG 4A region, and the overall aim is to create a specialized growth region across the border that can act and compete on global terms.

Read more about the project HERE or download our brochure HERE.


The InTra-Net Clusters:

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Co-financed by:

Impressions from the Workshop, 14 Sep. 2012


Associated partners




Food Cluster of Southern Denmark



Lean Energy Cluster

Mechatronics Cluster Denmark

Offshore Center Denmark

Plast Center Denmark



Welfare Tech Region


Cluster network - Centre of Excellence of Biomass Schleswig-Holstein

Digitale Wirtschaft Schleswig-Holstein

KNE Food Cluster Schleswig-Holstein

Life Science Nord

Logistik Initiative Schleswig-Holstein

Maritime Cluster Northern Germany 

Netzwerkagentur windcomm Schleswig-Holstein


Project partners

REG X - The Danish Cluster Academy